Erasmus-Plus Insurance Requirements

The scope of insurance coverage for Erasmus-Plus programs has been defined and laid down by the European Union. It involves mandatory health insurance with a fixed scope of coverage, a professional liability insurance as well as an accident insurance which includes the workfloor. A private liability insurance is strongly recommended.

Health insurance

A health insurance reimburses the costs for the treatment of illnesses. Patients insured under the statutory health insurance scheme, who travel within the EU or EEA states, will only be partly reimbursed by the national health insurance scheme. Outside the EU or EEA states, the national health insurance schemes do not cover any costs. The sending organization is obliged to ensure sufficient health insurance coverage during the length of the program. This means it has to verify that the existing health insurance corresponds with the required insurance scope.

Accident insurance at the workplace

An accident insurance covers the costs, which occur after an occupational accident or disease, in order to restore the employees' safety, health and performance. Depending on the type of international mobility, accident insurance coverage exists through the training workplace, the employer or the vocational school. The sending institution reviews and ensures that statutory accident insurance cover exists.

Other insurances

There are other risks which the participant should be aware of and which can be covered at one's own discretion. The sending institution can give advice in this matter. Among others, the following insurances could be concluded:

a) Baggage insurance

The baggage insurance covers the belongings of the program participant during his whole stay abroad. Insured are cases of theft, burglary, robbery, extortion with robbery or willful destruction or maliciousness on the part of third parties, within the sums insured and within the terms and conditions.

a) Private accident insurance

The private accident insurance covers the costs which occur after an accident or a disease in the participant's free time, in order to restore the participant's safety, health and performance. Furthermore it provides financial security in case of invalidity.

Erasmus-Plus Insurance Requirements

Here you can find the regulations of the European Union for the insurance of Erasmus-Plus programs.

Erasmus-Plus Insurance Requirements (PDF)

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