Exclusion of benefits – the facts

No insurance cover is provided for damages:

  • intentionally caused by the insured person;
  • caused by the insured person as a result of an intentional criminal act or the intentional attempt of committing a criminal act.

Excluded benefits related to medical coverage:

    It is specified that the following benefits are not covered by this policy, except benefits specified as covered in the coverage table attached to the policy:

  • costs for the treatment of prior illnesses including chronic illnesses, unless there is an acute and unforeseeable deterioration in health;
  • medical treatment and other measures ordered by a doctor where the insured person was aware when starting the insured stay that, if the insured stay took place as planned, the treatment would have to be given for medical reasons (e. g. dialysis);
  • procurement and repair of heart pacemakers, prostheses, aids to sight and hearing aids;
  • costs of accident or illness caused by mental illness or impaired consciousness, if this is a result of the consumption of alcohol, drugs, intoxicants or sedatives, sleeping tablets or other narcotic substances;
  • acupuncture, fango and massages;
  • need for care or safe-keeping;
  • psychoanalytical and psychotherapy treatment, if not covered under aforementioned details of benefits and hypnosis;
  • payments for pregnancy and labour, if the pregnancy has arisen more than 6 months before the commencement of the insured stay, unless there is an acute and unforeseeable deterioration in the health of the mother.
  • Insurance is provided during holidays at home as follows:

  • during a trip of less than six weeks, only for the costs resulting from an accident or an emergency illness, as these terms are defined in Title VI, provided the treatment was practiced by a general or specialized practitioner or the hospitalization was a necessity owing to the emergency and took place within twenty-four hours,
  • in all other cases, after express approval by the insurer.

You will find the detailed benefits and exclusion of benefits in the General Insurance Conditions .

Accident insurance does not cover:

  • accidents as a result of drunkenness or drug use;
  • illnesses and wear and tear, e. g. back pain resulting from a permanent sitting position, strokes or heart attack since they are not considered as accidents;
  • accidents caused directly or indirectly by nuclear power;
  • accidents as a result of mental illness or cognitive disorders;
  • accidents caused directly or indirectly by foreseeable acts of war.

You will find the detailed terms and conditions in the Insurance Conditions.

Liability insurance does not cover:

  • damages to leased, rented or borrowed equipment;
  • damages to the host family’s movable property;
  • damage caused by the use of a motor vehicle is not insured. This includes both personal injury and damage to property;
  • damages caused by the exchange, transmission or provision of electronic data.

You will find the detailed terms and conditions in the Insurance Conditions.

Assistance insurance does not cover:

  • illnesses as a psychological reaction to war, unrest, an act of terror, a plane crash or the fear of war, unrest or acts of terror;
  • chronic mental illnesses, also if they occur in phases, and addiction.

You will find the detailed terms and conditions in the Insurance Conditions.

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