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Do you want to have detailed information before purchasing your PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS insurance? In this section, we collected a number of frequently asked questions regarding the scope of coverage. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Which doctor may I consult in case of illness?

    In principle, our insurance offers free choice of medical practitioners. However, in case of major out-patient treatment or any kind of in-patient treatment, please contact our claims office or emergency service as soon as possible. This will enable us to quickly settle the costs for your medical treatment with the doctor or clinic and you won’t be asked to make an advance payment.

  • Which documents do I need to submit to be reimbursed for medical costs?

    We kindly ask you to submit original invoices (practitioners’ invoices, prescriptions, etc.). Invoices must carry the following information: name of patient, description of illness, itemised list of medical treatments, and overall treatment costs. In addition, please submit a copy of supporting documents (medical reports, police reports, etc.).
    Please send the complete documentation along with the claim form to our claims department.

  • What do I need to do in case of in-patient treatment?

    For any kind of in-patient treatment, please contact our emergency service. This will enable us to attend to your needs as quickly as possible. You will also avoid an advance payment.

  • What do I need to do in case of emergency?

    In any kind of emergency, please contact our emergency service staff who will provide cost guarantees or arrange for quick repatriation.

  • In which countries am I covered?

    The insurance coverage applies to stays abroad. In the case of intermediate stays at home, for example during the holidays, insurance coverage also applies to the home country (i.e. the country of permanent residence) for a maximum stay of six weeks within one year. For academic stays at universities in the home country (i.e. the country of permanent residence) within the Erasmus-Plus program, coverage only applies in liability and accident insurance.

  • Which rules apply in case of pre-existing conditions?

    The acute and unforeseeable deterioration in health related to prior or chronic illnesses shall be covered. If you suffer from a pre-existing or chronic illness, it is advisable to ask your general practitioner in your home country to certify in writing that you are fit to travel before you go abroad.

  • Am I covered for sports activities during my stay abroad?

    In principle, any kind of sports activity is covered. However, your accident insurance does not cover claims resulting from participation in private or official high speed racing.

  • Does this insurance cover third party liability if I drive a motor vehicle in a foreign country?

    No, the use of motor vehicles is not covered by this liability insurance.

  • Can I extend my insurance period if I decide to prolong my stay abroad?

    Yes, that is no problem at all. For this purpose, please contact your contact person at the coordinating university in good time before your insurance expires.

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