Information for family members and non-grantees

Within the scope of Erasmus-Plus, there are programs in which the insurance is not covered by the program providers. In this case, the program participant needs to attend to the right insurance coverage himself. The same goes for accompanying or following family members. Providers of some programs request that the participants conclude a professional and personal liability insurance, which also covers the risks during an internship. After the termination of the program, some students decide to stay abroad a little longer and need insurance coverage during that time. For all these cases, our product range offers solutions.

Comprehensive solution for self-paying students

PROTRIP-WORLD is an insurance for students, who organize their insurance by themselves. The insurance package includes international health insurance, liability, accident, luggage and assistance insurance. It can be taken out for up to 2 years and offers comprehensive cover at a favorable premium. The online conclusion is very simple. Following your application, you will immediately receive an email with your insurance certificate along with customer information for your records and for submission to the authorities. Further information can be found at Comprehensive solution for self-paying students.

Liability insurance for students and trainees

Insurance coverage for Erasmus-Plus programs is bindingly regulated throughout Europe. In the field of liability insurance, the protection at the workplace is mandatory.
In the guidelines it says:

"A liability insurance in the workplace covers losses which are caused by the participant in the context of work. The participant, the sending organisation or the hosting institution ensure the liability insurance in the working place. The sending organisation is obliged to verify the existence of a liability insurance at the workplace.“

Providers of some programs request that the participant concludes a professional and personal liability insurance, which also covers the risks during an internship. If you need such a protection, the coverage of PROTRIP-WORLD-H meets these requirements. You will find all information at Taking out liability insurance for individuals.

Insurance coverage for family members

For accompanying or following family members who need health insurance, PROTRIP-WORLD offers suitable protection. The maximum term of insurance with this policy is two years. You will find further information at Insure accompanying family members.

Private extension of your stay abroad after program termination

If you decide to stay abroad a little longer after the end of the program, and if you were insured through DR-WALTER during your program, you can extend your insurance through PROTRIP-WORLD.

Please note: The insurance must be extended before the end of your program and it must immediately follow on the former insurance period. Please state the insurance expiry of the previous insurance in the field 'Beginning of the journey' and the information 'follow-up cover Erasmus-Plus through (name of the university)' in the field 'Space for special notes'. Further information and the online conclusion can be found at Private extension of insurance.

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