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Do you want to have detailed information before purchasing your PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS insurance? In this section, we collected a number of frequently asked questions regarding the scope of coverage. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Questions about coronavirus – I have not yet left the country

    Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the coronavirus.

    • I cannot/do not want to start my journey because of the coronavirus. Is a cancellation of the insurance possible?

      Cancellation of the insurance is possible at any time before the beginning of the insurance. If you wish to change the travel period due to the current wave of illness, a postponement is possible. Please contact us in this case.

    • I have booked flights and accommodation in my destination country that I cannot cancel. Does my PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS insurance cover the expenses?

      No, travel expenses are not covered by the international health insurance. We recommend: Contact your hotel or airline to clarify whether a goodwill arrangement (rebooking or cancellation) is possible.

  • Questions about coronavirus - I have already left the country

    Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the coronavirus.

    • Does the insurance cover an infection with the coronavirus?

      Fever, cough, signs of corona infection? You can rest assured. With PPROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS's insurance cover, you don’t need to fear high medical costs. The medically necessary treatment of the corona virus infection is covered. In addition, PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS includes unlimited coverage for medical expenses should you be forced to stay abroad for a longer period of time due to the infection.

    • Are quarantine costs covered by the foreign health insurance?

      Quarantine costs are not covered by the foreign health insurance. Quarantine is often prescribed as a precautionary measure. This is not a medically necessary treatment. If you fall ill with the coronavirus during quarantine, the treatment is of course insured.

    • Will PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS cover the costs of a corona test?

      The costs of a corona test will be covered, provided that you can prove close contact to a infected person or you are showing related symptoms and it is ordered by a doctor. However, if the test is only a preventive measure, e.g. to meet a required entry or exit regulation or for a health certificate for school, university or employer etc., you must bear the costs yourself.

    • Does insurance cover continue to exist even if the Foreign Office has issued a travel warning?

      Yes, PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS's international health insurance protects you both when traveling in countries for which the German Foreign Office has issued a travel warning and in case of illness related to a pandemic. 

    • Is insurance cover still available even if corona is a pandemic?

      Yes, PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS offers insurance cover for pandemics as well as for travel in countries for which a travel warning has been issued by the Federal Foreign Office.

    • My government recommends that I return to my home country. Are travel expenses covered by the insurance?

      No, travel costs are not covered by the foreign health insurance. We recommend: Contact your travel company to clarify whether, for example, the airline will offer you a goodwill arrangement (free rebooking or cancelation of your trip).

    • I am returning to my home country prematurely due to the coronavirus. Does PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS still provide protection?

      In principle, insurance cover also exists for a certain period of time in case of interruption of the stay abroad. Due to the development of COVID-19, you cannot estimate how long your stay in your home country will last. Therefore, we recommend that you cancel your PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUSD insurance immediately after entering your home country. Please inform us about this. An e-mail is sufficient. We will then calculate your exact premium depending on the number of days you stayed abroad. You will only pay the premiums that have accrued until the receipt of your notification.

      Tip: Please contact your last insurance company in your home country to reactivate your previous insurance immediately

    • If I get infected on the way home, are my costs covered in my home country?

      PROTRIP-WORLD-PLUS insurance coverage ends upon entry into your home country. Please contact your last insurance company in your home country to reactivate your previous insurance immediately.

    • Would you like more information about the coronavirus?

      The Robert Koch Institut provides you with important information about the current coronavirus development: (machine translated from German).

  • Which doctor may I consult in case of illness?

    In principle, our insurance offers free choice of medical practitioners. However, in case of major out-patient treatment or any kind of in-patient treatment, please contact our claims office or emergency service as soon as possible. This will enable us to quickly settle the costs for your medical treatment with the doctor or clinic and you won’t be asked to make an advance payment.

  • Which documents do I need to submit to be reimbursed for medical costs?

    We kindly ask you to submit invoices (practitioners’ invoices, prescriptions, etc.). Invoices must carry the following information: name of patient, description of illness, itemised list of medical treatments, and overall treatment costs. In addition, please submit a copy of supporting documents (medical reports, police reports, etc.).
    Please send the complete documentation along with the claim form to our claims department.

  • What do I need to do in case of in-patient treatment?

    For any kind of in-patient treatment, please contact our emergency service. This will enable us to attend to your needs as quickly as possible. You will also avoid an advance payment.

  • What do I need to do in case of emergency?

    In any kind of emergency, please contact our emergency service staff who will provide cost guarantees or arrange for quick repatriation.

  • In which countries am I covered?

    The insurance coverage applies to stays abroad. In the case of intermediate stays at home, for example during the holidays, insurance coverage also applies to the home country (i.e. the country of permanent residence) for a maximum stay of six weeks within one year. For academic stays at universities in the home country (i.e. the country of permanent residence) within the Erasmus-Plus program, coverage only applies in liability and accident insurance.

  • Which rules apply in case of pre-existing conditions?

    The acute and unforeseeable deterioration in health related to prior or chronic illnesses shall be covered. If you suffer from a pre-existing or chronic illness, it is advisable to ask your general practitioner in your home country to certify in writing that you are fit to travel before you go abroad.

  • Am I covered for sports activities during my stay abroad?

    In principle, any kind of sports activity is covered. However, your accident insurance does not cover claims resulting from participation in private or official high speed racing.

  • Does this insurance cover third party liability if I drive a motor vehicle in a foreign country?

    No, the use of motor vehicles is not covered by this liability insurance.

  • Can I extend my insurance period if I decide to prolong my stay abroad?

    Yes, that is no problem at all. For this purpose, please contact your contact person at the coordinating university in good time before your insurance expires.

  • What is a return transport and when am I entitled to it?

    The return transport of the insured person is the medically reasonable and justifiable transport of the insured person to the place of residence in the home country or to the nearest suitable hospital to the place of residence if, due to illness or possible undersupply, treatment cannot or can only be carried out inadequately in the country of travel.

    In the event of repatriation, the insured person is dependent on either medical supervision or a special medical facility, such as an extra seat in the aircraft or intensive care transport by ambulance flight.

    Trained medical staff decides and plans the medically reasonable and justifiable return transport based on the respective needs of the patient.

    If there is an emergency situation that may require a return transport, please contact the assistance.

  • Praise, questions, criticism or suggestions?

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    • Do you feel in good hands with DR-WALTER?

      We would be pleased if you would take the time to write a review on Google, Facebook or Trustpilot. In this way you will not only help us to further improve our service, but also help other customers who are looking for the right insurance.

    • In which areas can we still improve?

      If you still have unresolved issues or are not satisfied with our service, you can of course contact the relevant specialist department or the complaints management department (sandra.karnstedt-panienka(at) You can also reach us via our Contact form. For further information on questions regarding complaint handling, please see our legal notice.

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